How We Work

Supporting Schools

Our vision is that young people should be given every opportunity for character development; we believe that building capacity within a school is as important as introducing external programmes.

We help schools to install capacity by:

  • Reviewing a school’s current curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular provision, providing professional insights and highlighting different opportunities and savings to allow the school to create a comprehensive programme of character development activities that meet Ofsted criteria.
  • Promoting the benefits of character development activities in schools to students, parents/carers and teachers.
  • Supplying evidence of tangible outcomes and lasting impact which the school can learn from and which will allow them to take responsibility for delivering structured character development programmes going forward.
  • Awarding grants to individuals and or organisations (schools, academy trusts, other educational bodies) that have applied to, or have been working in partnership with, the Trust. These grants may be in the form of: a bursary to the organisation to enhance its existing character development provision, or direct funding to cover costs for a specific character development project.

The Charity is organised so that the Trustees meet at least three times a year, when they take strategic decisions to award and review grants.

A Sample Programme

We believe that a comprehensive programme of character development will typically include a blend of outdoor education, role model presentations, pupil to pupil supervision, curriculum trips, cultural tours, sports fixtures, enterprise training, careers talks, music camps and personal development expeditions overseas. Below are details of a typical secondary school programme:

Typical desired outcomes of the programme:

  1. Improve student attendance
  2. Increase motivation levels
  3. Develop student leadership skills
  4. Deliver a fully rounded education
  5. Offer an off-site experience for every Year Group
  6. Evidence the improvements

Educationally linked activities

Y7, 8 & 9

  • Battlefields trip for Year 8
  • Role model talks and workshops from local business people, fire-fighters and local trades
  • Italy trip
  • Black Country museum trip
  • Sports coaching & fixtures with local schools
  • Anti-bullying & emotional resilience programme
  • Transition programme
  • School viral video song
  • Bushcraft camp

Y10 & 11

  • Prefect system and training programme to create positive role models
  • Role model talks and workshops from local business people and local trades.
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Sports coaching and fixtures with local schools
  • Summer camp for English & Maths
  • Local business links for work placements and part time jobs
  • Mini expedition (UK)

Y12 & 13

  • Careers programme
  • University Links programme
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Sports coaching and fixtures with local schools
  • Revision camp
  • Volunteering programme
  • Overseas expedition

For school staff

  • Staff training in running team building and leadership tasks and activities to reduce costs of external providers
  • Admin support from existing trips to free up more teaching time
  • Staff wellbeing programme

Funding solutions to make it all possible

  • A Money Management programme to encourage group fundraising while educating financial skills
  • Challenger Trust grant application
  • Letting out school facilities to local clubs for income generation